RulesEngine platform is an unique platform which separates the business conditions from business use cases. This platform contains all the business logic required to control the business components such as Pages, Posts, Categories, Widgets, WooCommerce Product and discounts etc. We can develop plugins using this platform very easily and with less effort, Since most of the business logic is centralized in RulesEngine Platform and is very easy to maintain code.

For example if your Business use case is to show “New Year 2016” Category only on first week on New Year. Your business condition will be date greater than 2015-31-12 && date less than 2016-08-01 and business component is Category.


RulesEngine platform helps the customer to pay less and do more. i.e. If customer purchased a Profession edition of Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress – Professional Edition , which costs $25. This plugin contains two plugins RulesEngine Professional Platform and Redirect Rules AddOn plugin and if customer would like to control woocommerce categories, he should buy only the AddOn Plugin (Standard Edition) plugin which are 50% less WooCommerce and WP Category Controller – AddOn  (Costs – $12) Instead of a complete (Professional Edition) Plugin NextGen-WooCommerce and WP Category Controller (Costs $25).

We will be adding a new plugins every month.

Click here to know more about Logical Rules which is the heart of the RulesEngine Platform.

To understand more about RulesEngine Platform, please watch below video. This video also covers the how the RulesEngine Platform is used for multiple plugins.

Please Note: This website is under development, Plugin author is going to update the documentation on regular basis. Please send your comments to rules4wp@gmail.com.